Environment, Quality and Occupational Risk Prevention

Construcciones Taboada y Ramos, S.L. aware of the importance of protecting the environment and the prevention of occupational risks in the carrying out of its activities and considering its main objective to be that of maximum quality in the delivery of its services, has developed and implemented an integrated Environmental, Quality and Occupational Risk Prevention management system, the initiative having come from the Board of the company and its commitment to their policy on Quality. Environment and Occupational Risk Prevention which has been certified under the standard UNE-ISO 14001:2004, ISO: 9001-2000 and OSHAS 18001:2007 granted by APPLUS+.

Quality and Environment Policy

The Quality and Environment policy of Construcciones Taboada y Ramos, S.L. has as its main objective to reach and maintain a high level of efficiency in its services, in accordance to the quality requirements and demands of its clients, as well as the assimilation of the protection of the environment in the carrying out of its activities, through the rational use of resources, energy saving, reduction of waste production, and its disposal and treatment under existing regulations.

In order to achieve these objectives, the company has established as a fundamental principle preventative actions in the place of corrective measures. Steering its actions towards identification, evaluation and the reduction of the environmental impact associated with the activities carried out by the company. Encourage and train personnel in issues of Quality and the Environment, employ new technology in the provision of services and finally maintain a high level of innovation in the development of these services.

Occupational Risk Prevention Policy

The Occupational Risk Prevention Policy of Construcciones Taboada y Ramos, S.L. reflects its firm commitment to comply with the existing regulations in force, with the objective of guaranteeing the health and safety of its staff and the carrying out of their work, through the implementation of the prevention and protection measures deemed necessary.

For all that,, the company undertakes the following general principles, comply and promote the compliance to current legislation, plan and integrate Health and Safety criteria in the activities and decisions of the company as a whole, and at all hierarchical levels, encourage the permanent training and education of employees, as well as extending the preventative activity to suppliers and contractors.