We currently find ourselves in an environment of constant development, where organisations should adapt to changes and where possible, anticipate them, and where innovation has become a fundamental element in company processes. For this reason Construcciones Taboada y Ramos, S.L. with the aim of making full use of its technical and production capacity and integrating any technological challenges and thus, improving and changing any existing processes within the company and giving solutions to new market demands, has implemented a new I+D+i management system, in accordance with the requirements of STANDARD UNE 16600220, which has allowed for the systematization of the  research, development and innovation activities carried out and so, guaranteeing the continued control and improvement of these undertakings in the company, and the integration of this aforementioned management system with the other management structures developed within the company.

In its company policy Construcciones Taboada y Ramos, S.L undertakes amongst other commitments the promotion of innovative opportunities and undertakings within the different fields of activity of the company, develop and implement new technology and practices that will improve its technical capacity and productivity, implementing and maintaining an I+D+I management system, as well as promoting training for its employees and encouraging innovative initiatives’ and increase the technical level in the company through knowledge and new solutions.