CE Mark

Construcciones Taboada y Ramos, S.L has obtained CE certification for all its teams and machinery and has established production controls in its manufacture of agglomerates at its plants in order to comply with the demands of the standard 13108-20 and 13108-21 obtaining the CE Mark for each of its bituminous mixtures.



The CE Mark in Bituminous Mixtures involves the continuous monitoring of security and industrial quality, and adapting the manufacturing processes and quality control of the company to obtain a controlled product.

The Bituminous mixtures formulas have undergone a 2 +, evaluation system which means that the following control methods have been applied:

  •      Factory Production Control
  •      Internal control trials
  •      Initial inspection of the plant and the control of production thereof
  •      Inspection of factory monitoring and control of production thereof

The  bituminous mixtures product that CONSTRUCCIONES TABOADA Y RAMOS, SL supplies to the market is continuously subjected to both factory production controls as well as trials of samples taken at the plants, thus, achieving continuous improvement of its products and processes.